GFA top job contenders to be selected using coefficient formula

Individuals wishing to end the 10 year reign of Kwesi Nyantekyi at the helm of the Ghana Football Association will have to demonstrate “an exceptional understanding of the the coefficient formula,” according to the FA’s vetting committee.  

“As part of the new vetting process, all contenders- including the incumbent, will have to take a test in the practical application of the coefficient formula,” a statement from the committee said. The committee contends that the formula forms the basis of distribution of all kickbacks and backhanders within Ghana’s football administration, hence, the head of the FA should be well versed in application of the formula.  

The vetting committee’s announcement comes only a day after the official opening of nominations for the election of the FA’s president. The election has been scheduled for August 17, 2015. 

Although it is still unclear who will go up against Mr. Nyantekyi, several big names within the football fraternity have expressed worry that the new requirement will “unduly favour” Mr. Nyantekyi- who is the originator of the coefficient formula. 

“It looks like the ‘coefficient man’ will have another term. The man never loses an election anyway. He must be Mugabe’s love child or something,” opined one football administrator. 

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