Larry Acheampong’s Angolan friend pleased with white paper on Dzamefe report

Larry Acheampong’s phantom Angolan friend who was paid some $20,000 for providing directions to a popular supermarket in Brazil during the last World Cup has reportedly welcomed the government’s white paper on the Dzamefe Commission Report with wild celebrations. 

The phantom Angolan who is permanently resident inside Larry Acheampong’s head, said he was “pleased with government’s decision to turn a blind eye to the payments [he] received in Brazil.” He also thanked his friends in government for orchestrating what he described as “a great feat.” 

Although no one has ever set eyes on this Angolan, Larry Acheampong says he paid out about $20,000 of the Ghanaian taxpayers money to the Angolan in Brazil. Acheampong who described himself as “the eyes, ears and voice” of the former Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah during the World Cup in Brazil confirmed in a statement before the Dzamefe Commission that the staggering $20,000 was the fee charged by his Angolan pal for showing him around town and helping him purchase goods from Redemais, a supermarket in Brazil. 

The phantom Angolan who reportedly spoke through Larry Acheampong was grateful that the payment of the $20,000 was “factored out of the co-efficient of blame distribution.”

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