PlayStation to host CAN 2015

All the well-meaning Africans who have urged their various governments to turn down the offer of hosting next January’s African Cup of Nations over concerns of the ability of their respective health services to cope with the potential spread of Ebola can now breathe easy.

PlayStation, the game consoles brand owned by Sony, has reportedly made a strong last minute bid to host the 2015 African Cup of Nations. Officials of Confederation of African Football (CAF), intent on sticking to the January 17 kick-off date despite warnings from health experts over the potential spread of Ebola were this morning making last-ditch attempts to find a new host nation for the biennial football tournament.

The bid from PlayStation comes only a day after CAF banned Morocco from hosting the tournament, following the north African nation’s call for the postponement of the tournament over fears of the potential spread of the Ebola disease. Officials of PlayStation explained that their bid offers the chance to play the tournament as a special simulation video game, eliminating physical contact between players and fans. Further details have been made available in the bid document submitted to CAF this afternoon.

The executive committee of CAF led by Issa Hayatou- who has been at the helm of the confederation for the 26 years and described as a dinosaur who has outlived his time, is however believed to be against this bid. “CAF officials are not only hell-bent on sticking to the January 17 schedule, they are also hell-bent on getting their cut from ticket sales, something this PlayStation bid doesn’t offer,” revealed one insider.

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