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Ghana gov’t gains prized AAA looting rating from S&P

Ghana gov’t gains prized AAA looting rating from S&P

The current Ghanaian government has received a major boost to its looting credentials after gaining Standard & Poor’s top-tier AAA looting rating this morning. The rating agency attributed this morning’s upgrade to the government’s successful implementation of the Create, Loot and Share (CLS) policy. “Today’s upgrade is primarily driven by our assessment that the policy…

Ghanaian youth invents special tissue for crocodile tears; receives support from YES initiative

A young Ghanaian entrepreneur has invented a special tissue paper that cleans crocodile tears better than any other tissue paper or cotton handkerchief currently on the market. Fibs Soakaway, the young entrepreneur revealed, was created after the World Cup Commission of Inquiry witnessed yet another teary session when Honourable Kojo Adu-Asare appeared before the commission.…