2014 Go Be K3k3, Claims Prophet Mahama

A certain prophet by the name of John Mahama is alleged to have prophetically declared that  “many good things will happen” in Ghana in the year 2014 and therefore admonished all Ghanaians to “claim it.”

Speaking on national television, the prophet noted that 2013 was a particularly profitable year for Ghanaian politicians, with many making record amounts of personal gains at the expense of the nation. The prophet, who also doubles a the nation’s leader reportedly stated that he is “proud to have led Ghanaian politicians into an era of prosperity and development.”

Prophet Mahama also purported that 2014 will see a widening in the gap between the rich and the poor in the country. To prevent this, he urged Ghanaians to “think and work for Ghana.” He asked the Ghanaian youth to follow his example and take up two jobs.

He prophesied that politicians will be extremely generous with their constituents in 2014, dishing out bags of rice and tins of cooking oil purely out of goodwill because that is what real and honest politicians do.

Finishing off his prophetic encounter on national television, prophet Mahama, praised the national football team, the Black Stars for continuous flying high the flag of Ghana, something the politicians have failed to do. He urged Ghanaians to take a cue from the footballers as times get tough, because “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

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