Dredging work at the Odaw river uncovers tonnes of empty and broken promises

Contractors dredging the Odaw river in Accra have uncovered tonnes of empty and broken promises- with some of them thought to have been stuck there for decades.

Workmen dredged up the pieces of empty and broken promises while clearing the clogged river which flooded earlier last month after only a few hours of rainfall, causing loss of lives and severe damage to properties. According to the workmen, the sediments removed from the river ranged from “promises to cover open drainages in the city through to lies about building storm drains to prevent the perennial floods in Accra.”

The dredging exercise forms part of city authority’s belated efforts to save face after heavy floods and a devastating explosion killed lots of people- so many people authorities are yet to finish an official body count more than a month after the tragic incident.

Although it was unclear how the pieces of broken promises ended up the river, an environmental technologist who spoke to us said “it was very unlikely they were swept in by recent flood water; these pieces of broken promises are several years old.” She also expressed worry over the possibility of city authorities “re-clogging the river with the myriad of empty promises they made in the immediate aftermath of the June 3 disaster.”

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