ISIL outsources killing of Americans to the NRA

The Islamic State has outsourced its US citizens killing operations to the US-based National Rifle Association.

An announcement on ISIL’s official Amaq news channel said, “the all-powerful gun lobby group – the NRA, offers a more cost-effective way of killing Americans. They will facilitate the mass killing of Americans, on their homeland, at just 0.002% of the cost.”

The announcement comes only a day after a 64 year white male, Stephen Paddock, orchestrated the deadliest mass shooting in US history- killing at least 59 people and wounded 527. 

An ISIL spokesman explained that, “the gun-obsessed American public does a fine job at murdering their fellow citizens. They have a long and fine history in this particular field; are merely tapping into an existing industry through our new provider, the NRA.”

The NRA confirmed the reports, and also called on its bigly supporter, President Trump and all other Congress men and women on the NRA payroll to once again “reiterate their commitment to uphold the God-given right of every American to shoot and be shot.”