4 Emerging Careers in Ghana

Career advisers in Ghana are encouraging parents to desist from forcing their children to pursue “traditional careers paths” in law, medicine and engineering. According to these experts, there are several other career opportunities presently available that were not even thought of in previous generations. Surprisingly, these emerging careers are now some of the most highly coveted career options.

Based on extensive research, here are the 4 emerging careers with bright outlooks in terms of immediate demand and pay. Even better, they are all in high-growth industries.

Politician: Years ago, the norm was to have a successful career elsewhere and then branch into politics later in life, but that is no longer the case. The advice is to start off early with student politics, then head straight into party politics after university. No particular academic qualifications are required, all you need is the ability to consistently break your campaign promise. The pay is excellent and in most cases you get backhanders every now and then.

Clergyman/woman: It used to be the career of choice for those that walked the narrow path and spread the message of salvation. These days, they trod the royal road and the message is prosperity. With their fleet of private jets and cars, these pastors hold themselves up as a remarkable testimony to the prosperity message they preach. The only qualification you need for this career is a “divine calling”- a claim which cannot be independently verified. The trick with this career is to start your own church and give yourself a string of spectacular titles- Apostle General Emeritus Professor Commander Bishop Judas.

Friend/Relative of a Politician: This has surprisingly emerged as a career path for a growing number of people. With a friend or relative in power, the opportunities are endless. With such connections, you do not require any particular expertise to enter any field of business. You can become a building constructor overnight or simply set up an IT company that specialises in procuring motorbikes for governmental projects. The pay is brilliant, all you need to do is to remember to take care of the hand that feeds you.

Social Commentator: This is the least glamorous of the career options, but it is fast becoming a career of choice for many middle aged Ghanaian men who love hearing the sound of their voice on TV and radio. With this, you require the ability to use big English words, even when they make little or no sense in the context being used. The essential requirement for a successful career as a social commentator is the ability to pretend to be an expert on every issue under the sun, from breast feeding to nuclear science.

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