London buses and trains to introduce chat/preaching zones for Nigerians

Transport for London (TfL) is set to introduce “preaching and chat” zones on the underground, overground and bus services to help improve the commuting experience for Nigerians in London.

TfL said the new service which starts in the new year is for Nigerian-Londoners who “enjoy talking loudly on their phones while travelling” on buses and trains. “Our Naija brothers and sisters can now feel free to blabber on without having to endure scornful looks from fellow commuters. The self-appointed bus preachers can also blurt out sermons while traveling on the buses and trains without being accused of disrespecting the privacy and the desire of others to travel in silence.”

The announcement of this new service comes only days after a video emerged of a Nigerian man being asked to get off a bus in London after attempting to preach the “word of life” to fellow passengers.
According to TfL, a single carriage on all underground and overground trains and the upper deck of buses serving routes in and out of south east London will be designated as “preaching and chat” zones where chatterboxes and religious zealots can all be free to blabber on while they travel.

The Nigerian community in Woolwhich, a suburb of south east London nicknamed Little Lagos, has welcomed the idea of the chat/preaching zones on London’s public transport system.

A member of the community who identified himself as Uncle London described TfL’s new service as “parrfect,” adding that he can now “chat on the buses and trains without people looking at him like we are mumu.”

Video of Nigerian man being asked to get off bus for preaching