Africans on Twitter – 15 Hashtags That Defined 2015 (#AOT2015)

Africans on Twitter – 15 Hashtags That Defined 2015  (#AOT2015)

Presented by @Circumspecte_ + @YesiYesiGhana


If African Twitter was a bar, then the year 2015 would have been one of those memorable nights out. The bar’s speciality would be a cocktail of hashtags and the noisy drinkers would be eating jollof while debating xenophobia, everyday sexism and everything else in between. Under the influence of this potent cocktail of hashtags, Africans on and off the continent would set the news agenda and rally together to grieve, inspire, lament, celebrate and laugh. And that’s exactly what it was – a year of highs and lows, littered with hashtags every step of the way. Ladies and gentlemen, in no specific order, the 15 hashtags that defined the African Twittersphere in 2015:

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So the night has come to an end at the 2015 African Twitter bar. The last orders have been called long ago and a burly bouncer is now ushering everyone out of the door. It’s been one hell of a night! 2015 proved a number of things: hashtag activism is more than just useless outrage; Kenyans on Twitter have no qualms about getting into everyone’s business (watch out world!); countries with considerable internet access and penetration – Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria – are translating hashtags into real actions on the ground, and #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou might be here to stay.

A message comprised of a hashtag and a string of words not more than 140 characters no longer float aimlessly in the vacuum of cyberspace,  but can be part of a wider conversation about our world and everything affecting it. 2016 will have its share of tragedies, triumphs and trivialities, and you can be sure Africans on Twitter will be commemorating each occasion with the appropriate hashtag.

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#AOT2015 is a collaborative feature by Circumspecte and YesiYesi Ghana.

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