Magufuli will celebrate Val’s Day a week late to take advantage of reduced gift prices

Last weekend’s Valentine’s Day celebrations turned out to be an expense occasion for most blokes, with many shelling out on expensive bottles of bubbly and chocolates for their loved ones. John Magufuli was tempted to join in on the wasteful spending and then he asked himself: #WhatWouldMagufuliDo

Tanzania’s thrifty president has reportedly extended his lauded austerity measures within the public sector to his own love life, opting to celebrate Valentine’s Day 7 days late to enable him to take advantage of price reductions on unsold Valentine’s Day merchandise.

With retailers across the East African nation cutting prices of unsold Valentine’s Day branded goods by up to 70%, a delighted Magufuli says he has snapped up “money-saving deals” on heart-shaped chocolates, a bottle of champagne, a teddy bears and a dozen red roses.

The 56 year old president who scrapped Tanzania’s 54th independence celebrations last year- choosing instead to spend money on sanitation, fighting cholera and new beds and equipment for hospitals, said the chocolates and other gifts will look and taste just as good this Sunday as they did last Sunday and his wife will appreciate his thriftiness more than anything else.

He advised young men in Tanzania and across Africa to think outside the box and strive to live within their means, adding that “thriftiness is the new sexy and good women will always appreciate that.”