Museveni launches memoir titled ‘Rigging An Election’

President Yoweri Museveni has launched a memoir covering ballot rigging just days after the 71 year old extended his 30-year rule for yet another five-year term after a hotly contested election marred by voting fraud, widespread irregularities and the arrest and intimidation of his principal opponent and opposition supporters.

Titled ‘Rigging An Election: A Thief’s Memoir’, the 30-page volume chronicles Museveni’s long stay in office and his time tested election rigging tactics that has kept him in office since 1986. The memoir draws its title from President Museveni’s long years of experience in electoral fraud and intimidation of opponents.

The memoir is divided into three sections. In part one, he extensively covers the use of security agencies to intimidate opponents and their supporters throughout the electioneering period. In the second part, he talks about shutting down social media and other forms of mass communication as an effective means of denying opponents from reaching voters with their message. In the third part, he reflects on the prospect of lifetime presidency and how much more of Uganda’s resources he can loot.

Museveni dedicated his book to his “mentor and friend” Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president “who is an inspiration to all African leaders who wish to become president for life”, he wrote.