58 Shades of Greed premieres in Ghana

The real life version of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey is premiering at the Theatre of Life in Ghana.

Fifty Eight Shades of Greed, is an 18-certificate tragic drama which details the abusive relationship between a young talented woman, Ghanastasia ‘Ghana’ Steele, and a predatory businessman, Polichristian Greed. Polichristian targets and cajoles the impressionable Ghana into agreeing to an exploitative relationship that leaves her sometimes bleeding and too bruised to move. She is continually subjected to the violent rape of her assets to satisfy the lust of Polichristian.

Reviews for the film have been full of praise for the veracious depiction of the realities facing Ghana. Ghallywood Review called it “a powerful depiction of insatiable greed and a shameful abuse of trust”, while Kumawood Review said “the incredibly shocking and violent images drive home the exploitative nature of Polichristian.”

The producer revealed he would have wished to title the movie “Fifty Eight Shades of Grace” but “that would have been a false depiction of Ghana’s life.”

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