A foolproof format for successful prophecies  by TB Duncan-Judas

The founder and CEO of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas has published a brief guide to help individuals who wish to get into the business of ‘foolproof prophecies.’

According to Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B Duncan-Judas, anyone who follows this foolproof format will undoubtedly achieve a 100 percent success rate like all the top names in the business.

We have published the 5 point guide below for all those wishing to get into the business of ‘foolproof prophecies.’ All we ask is that you remember us when you start making millions off the masses just for pointing out the obvious.

1. Proclaim that you have had a divine revelation about an impending danger. The trick is to make sure you only prophecy about ‘accidents waiting to happen.’ Example: ‘I prophesy that hundreds of people in Accra will die of cholera between April and September next year.’ With all the filth in the city and an ineffective waste disposal regime, you can be sure your prophecy will come to pass.

2. Deliver your prophecy in Biblical jargon to give it some authenticity. Example: And as I slumbered, a voice came to me and said, awake my son and pray, for there is an impending danger. Multitudes shall perish from the demonic cholera.

3. Emphasise the point that you are the sole channel for such divine revelations. This will ensure that you have no challengers as you are the only individual who hears and sees signs of impending disasters.

4. There is a saying in the prophesy business- ‘Vague is sage.’ Always remember this important saying before any prophecy. NEVER EVER give specific timelines. Keep the timeline vague, this will give you room for escape when things go wrong. So NEVER say, for example- The first case of cholera in 2015 will be recorded at La Poly Clinic on Monday 29th June 2015. Remember- keep it simple, keep it vague.

5. Make sure you always insert ‘if’ somewhere in the prophecy. Example: ‘I prophecy that hundreds of people in Accra will die of cholera between April and September next year but IF we rise up and pray, this calamity will be averted.’ In the prophecy business, we call this the ‘Win-Win’ factor. Whatever happens, the prophet comes out with his reputation intact. If cholera strikes, he will say, ‘I told you so.’ If somehow the city authorities get their act together and put in place effective health measures to prevent the cholera outbreak, Mr. Seer will say, ‘it was because I interceded on your behalf.’

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