A Ghanaman’s guide to Brazil

After a week of football, sight seeing and experiencing the local culture, the seven mysterious dwarfs have finally filed a report about their on-going trip to Brazil. They hope this report will help the Ghanaians who could not get on the government’s all-expenses paid World Cup trip to gain a better understand of Brazil, its people and culture. They write:

The Ghanaians who could not make it to the football fiesta in Brazil are not missing much. After an extensive tour of this South American country, we can boldly say that Brazil is a lot like Ghana. A Ghanaian in Brazil should feel very much at home, the World Cup could have been held in Ghana and no one would have known the difference.

Whatever they have in Brazil, you will find in Ghana also. A Ghanaian in Brazil cannot feel homesick, and here is why.



The much talked about Copacabana beach is undoubtedly beautiful but that is not very different from our own Kokrobite beach The names even sound similar! Everything is pretty much the same; sandy beach, glorious sunshine and colourful bikinis.  The only difference is that in Ghana, the guys do not walk about topless and in flip flops. Most go to the beach fully clothed; jeans trousers, white t-shirt and a fresh pair of trainers.



Samba samba samba! The rhythm, the feet shifting and the waist wiggling; it’s just like our Azonto. In truth, samba is like a Ghanaian with a Brazilian name. Like Gervinho, the Ivorian footballer. He has a Brazilian sounding name but he is still an Ivorian.

Christ the redeemer/Kwame Nkrumah the redeemer


Christ the redeemer is one of the most iconic landmarks in Brazil. In Ghana, it is the statue of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah. Translate osagyefo to English and you have two very similar names. For the folks at Delta who will want to represent our country with giraffes because you think we have no iconic structures worthy of mention, here’s one for you, Kwame Nkrumah the redeemer.

Brazilian hair/Brazilian hair


Brazilian hair! They say Brazil is home to the largest number of blacks outside Africa, we say Ghana is home to the largest volume of Brazilian hair outside Brazil.

Enjoy the World Cup and continue supporting the Black Stars!


De Sooso’s Seven Dwarfs





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