Act Like a Lady Think Like a Ghanaman

Steve Harvey, the American actor and comedian, is publishing a sequel to his best-selling book, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man. YesiYesi gathers Harvey’s new book, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Ghanaman, will be out on sale in the coming weeks.

The author revealed that he wrote the book to help Ghanaian women to understand Ghanaian men. “Ghanaian women are in most cases extremely gracious and pleasant, but recent posts on my Twitter and Facebook timelines seems to suggest that most of these women are feeling rather disappointed, disenfranchised, and disillusioned in their failing or failed relationships.”

In his book, Harvey argues that for the relationship to work, the Ghanaian woman needs to fully understand the Ghanaian man. He believes “that a clear-eyed, knowing approach to dealing with Ghanaian men on their terms, on their turf, in their way, can, in turn, get Ghanaian women exactly what they want.”

Harvey explains that there are 4 types of Ghanaian men; Kofi, Kweku, Kwesi and Kwame.

Kofi is described as shallow and superficial. His topics of conversation would not stretch beyond ‘How are you’ ‘How was work’ and ‘What are you up to.’ A typical night out with Kofi will be largely uneventful, until the end of the night when he drives you to your father’s gate and kindly asks you to perform fellatio on him.

Then there is Kweku. He is described as plain-spoken and very far removed from his emotions. Though a pleasant individual, his lack of subtlety and sensitivity lets him down. Kweku will take you out for dinner and within the span of the first 20 minutes, he would have asked: ‘How much you make’ ‘When’s the last time you had sex’ and ‘How many sexual partners you’ve had.’ And yes, you are expected to answer all of those questions before the starter arrives!

Kwesi! He is the character you only see in movies. He is well-dressed, tall and muscular. He spends a lot of time at the gym, either pumping weights or admiring his own reflection in the mirror. He also drives a flash car, knows a lot about wine and he is well-travelled. But Kwesi is the ultimate man whore. He will date you, your best friend and your cousin all at the same time. Harvey writes, “a leopard rarely changes his spots and a lifetime of gaming women does not stop easily.”

Kwame is described as gentle, smart, funny and dependable but he is naughty and silly also. A night out with Kwame will leave a lady grinning with excitement about what the future may hold. And as he drives her back home, Wale’s Lets Chill playing in the background, and with a naughty smile on his face, he says, ‘I’ll be alright tonight with a goodnight kiss.’

The Hollywood actor admits on the final page that his book may be a bit too tasking to read so he summaries the whole book with one line. “Some may be tall, others short, some may be honest and others maybe deceitful, but Ghanaian men are just men.”

Steve Harvey finishes off his insightful book with an advice to all the gracious Ghanaian women, “a Ghanaman is more than 9 Jah man.”

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