Alfred of Ogyakrom named patron saint of sakawa boys

The Union of Sakawa Boys has unanimously adopted Alfred of Ogyakrom as the patron saint of their profession.

An official statement from the union said: “the gargantuan exploits of Alfred of Ogyakrom makes him the obvious choice as patron of sakawa boys, 419ers and all others who are engaged in similar trades.” The sakawa boys hope their association with Alfred of Ogyakrom will help them succeed in their dealings with their western customers who are either looking for a quick gold deal or pursuing romantic interests over the internet. They also hope Alfred will intercede with Interpol and the local courts on their behalf.

The story of Alfred has long captured the attention of history scholars, with many labelling him as a “gargantuan figure” in the history of Ogyakrom. Although very little is known about the early life of Alfred, historians say he performed a great miracle which propelled him to prominence in Ogyakrom during the years of the Great Dumpression. According to historians, the manner in which Alfred of Ogyakrom persuaded Ogyakrom rulers to gift him with enormous amounts of silver and gold is “nothing short of a miracle. ”

The union also revealed that 2 internet cafes in Nima and Tema will both be renamed in honour of Alfred of Ogyakrom.

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