All-blind grand jury to decide on North Charleston police shooting

A special grand jury made up of visually impaired individuals has been tasked with the job of clearing a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black male following a routine traffic stop on April 4.

The decision by the North Charleston authorities to use an all-blind grand jury follows the emergence of a graphic video showing the police officer, Michael Slager, firing 8 shots into the back of Walter Scott, who was running away.

A statement from the District Attorney’s office said: “we are determined to uphold this great American tradition of acquitting white police officers who routinely shoot and kill innocent black men. And this all-blind grand jury will ensure that this tradition is not destroyed by smartphone-wielding individuals who go around filming police officers discharging the duties.”

The statement also confirmed that the officer will stick to his original story since the grand jury will be unable to view the video footage which has gone viral since it appeared online a few days after Slager’s official report claiming self-defence for his actions. “The ‘I felt threatened’ defence is tried and test. It worked for Darren Wilson and hundreds of other officers and we intend for Slager to use it. This is Slager’s get out of jail free card.”

This incident has once again reignited calls for police officers to wear body cameras, a move which is expected to be opposed by police forces across the United States. A North Charleston police officer who vehemently opposes to the body cameras argued that being forced to wear body cameras is against the core American values of liberty, equality, and justice.”

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