Anane/MoH To Seek Refund For Fake Condoms


Just hours after the announcement by the Ministry of Health to seek full refund for the supply of fake condoms, the former Minister of Health, Dr Richard Anane has also been reported as saying he will follow the ministry’s lead and ask for a refund from the suppliers of Be Safe condoms.

Ghanaians will recall Dr. Anane’s exploits at a HIV AIDS conference which put Miss Alexandria, an American delegate, in a family way.

The former minister has always insisted he used protection and was therefore surprised Miss Alexandria ended up eating for two. But after years of living with the stigma of being labelled a liar, the honourable former minister has finally been vindicated. He indeed used the Be Safe condom but it turns out that was not exactly a safe choice.

A special committee set up by MoH concluded that the Be Safe condoms which have been supplied to the MoH since the tenure of Dr Anane, were so ineffective a fishing net could stop more semen than these condoms.

The Attorney General’s Department has consequently hinted they will assist any Ghanaian who may have used this fake product to seek compensation through legal means.

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