Apple Launches Budget Laptops In Ghana

KUMASI- Apple Inc., the American multinational corporation, on Sunday, launched a budget version of its MacBook laptop at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology. The MacBook C, which is set to be a hit with many Ghanaian students, is a lower-cost alternative to the MacBook Pro .

The smart looking MacBook C comes in three colours- red, yellow and green, which makes it so much more fun-looking than the staid MacBook Pro.

Though this laptop was constructed as a lower-cost alternative, Apple maintains that the quality has not been compromised. “Everything about the MacBook C just oozes quality” said the official statement.

To save a few pesewas, Apple replaces it’s iconic translucent plastic logo with a real apple fruit with a bite missing. The fruit is neatly held onto the front of the laptop with clear Sellotape, giving the MacBook C a sleek looking finish.

The Apple product was launched to help boost sales in the Ghanaian market after profits took a nose dive as a result of the influx of cheaper Chinese made laptops.

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of Apple Inc., said: “we know the Chinese are hiding behind Ghanaian faces to flood the market with their cheap products and we are well prepared to match them, cheap product for cheap product. The launch of MacBook C is the first of many cheap products we plan to push into the Ghanaian market to compete with the Chinese and their cronies.

“And we will continue to exploit the lax regulatory systems in the country to bring in as much cheap products as possible. Very soon we will be launching versions of MacBook laptops that doubles as a tablet and a phone with a dual SIM card slot.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Science and Technology, who represented the government of Ghana at the launch praised Apple for being able to exploit the lax regulatory systems in the country. He threw an open invitation to foreign investors saying “our slack laws and regulations are clear indications that we are open for business. Any foreign investor can come and exploit us to make abnormal profits. You can bring in any rubbish product or indeed, take away any of our precious resources for next to nothing as long as you are greasing the palms of the right officials.

The MacBook C is set to go on sale in other African countries where the Chinese are taking advantage of slack rules and regulations to steadily saturate the market with their substandard products.

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