Funny Sign Boards To Go On Exhibition

The Centre for National Culture in collaborations with the Ministry of Tourism will be hosting a photo exhibition to showcase some of the most ridiculously funny sign boards in the country.

The exhibition, the first of its kind will be under the name “Wontumi En Spelli Ah Menkyero” (translated- Don’t try spelling if you can’t write) and it will be taking place from the 29th- 31th February 2014, at Centre for National Culture, popularly known as the Arts Centre .


A spokesperson for the Arts Centre revealed the idea for the exhibition came from the American president Barack Obama. He claimed president Obama and his German counterpart, Angela Merkel found themselves seated next to each in a meeting after the FIFA World Cup draw. With both their countries bundled into the same group, they decided to Google the other two members of Group G. What came up on Google images about Ghana sent them into uncontrollable laughter as was captured by the official White House photographer.

It was further revealed that Obama sent a letter to the director of the Arts Centre saying “the fortuitous discovery of these Ghanaian sign boards with insanely funny messages have made a lasting impression on both myself and Angela. Germans do not find a lot of things funny, so to make her laugh that much, is a colossal achievement. I urge you to share this excellent work of art with the rest of the world.”

gh sign

The director of the Arts Centre on his part promised to make this exhibition the most hilarious arts exhibition ever. He gave out a few photos that will go on display to be published to whet the appetite of the general public.

He also appealed to the public to send in any other photos of funny sign boards, “it could be sign boards for chop bars, saloons, herbal clinics or stickers on vehicles. We will compile all of them for the exhibition”.


Anyone of our cherished readers with copies of such photos can send them to us via twitter or Facebook and we will forward them to the organisers of the exhibition.

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