AU accuses Buhari of setting a bad example for Africa’s ruling class

Senior figures within the African Union (AU) have accused the Nigerian president of failing to adhere to “the values and practices” of his fellow African leaders.

A statement released this morning criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for “tarnishing the image of Africa’s ruling class by actively promoting accountability and transparency in Nigeria.” The statement also described Buhari’s decision to publicly declare his assets- personal savings of $150 000, 5 homes and 2 mud houses, an orchard and ranch with 270 head of cattle, 25 sheep, 5 horses and a variety of birds- as “shameful modest” and “an unacceptable behaviour” from an African leader.

The statement which was signed by a number of long serving African leaders said Buhari’s behaviour is alienating the prominent members of Africa’s ruling class such Equatorial Guinea’s Nguema Mbasogo and Angola’s dos Santos- who are known to live lavish lifestyles with luxury properties in Europe and the US, private jets and a fleet of luxury cars.

The statement also reiterated the AU’s commitment to “stand up for Africa’s ruling class.”

“If people like Buhari are allowed to have their way, African leaders will soon be forced to fly economy instead of owning private jets. We just can’t allow that to happen,” the statement said.