AU calls for military intervention in Ferguson to stop “state sponsored terrorism”

The African Union (AU) has strongly condemned the United States government for the police brutality in Ferguson, hinting of plans to intervene militarily to protect innocent black citizens from “state sponsored terrorism.”

A statement issued from the union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa and signed by several African leaders including presidents Robert Mugabe, Yayha Jammeh and Omar Al-Bashir, said, “We are shocked and appalled by the wanton killing of innocent black citizens in the United States. This is nothing short of terrorism. States like Missouri and their terrorist police force constitute an axis of evil which poses a threat to the peace of the civilised world. This kind of terrorism cannot be allowed to thrive. We must act and act now because the price of indifference would be catastrophic.”

The statement also revealed that both Russia and China are in support of sending an international military force to secure and protect the lives of vulnerable women and children who have been caught up in the violence in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. “We are mobilising an international intervention force from Russia, China and a number of our member states. The military force will be sent to Ferguson even if the United States government does not want assistance. We will not be waiting for permission from some guy called Odrama,” the statement stressed.

There has been an escalation in the level of chaos and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, after the governor, Jay Nixon, deployed the army along with hundreds of police armed with rubber bullets, tear gas and smoke canisters to suppress citizens protesting against the unjustifiable killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager.

With a combination of military force and sanctions, the AU hopes to demonstrate to the rogue regime in Missouri and all other states within the US that the civilised world will not tolerate such acts of terrorism against a group of people because of the colour of their skin.

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