AU to be renamed Apathy Union

The African Union will be renamed Apathy Union, a name described by officials in Addis Ababa as “a more accurate description of the union and it’s leadership.”

The announcement of the new name comes as African leaders continue to face fierce criticisms for their failure to show solidarity and concern over the recent terror attack in Kenya which left 148 university students dead.

According to a statement signed by a number of African Heads of States, the rebranding exercise which will include a new logo, is designed to help ordinary Africans “to understand the role of African leaders within the union.” The statement said calls for African leaders to organise marches of solidarity were “immature and needless,” pointing out that African leaders only congregate on “very special occasions such as the swearing-in ceremonies of fellow despots.” The statement cited the gathering of over 27 African leaders for Jacob Zuma’s inauguration in May 2014 as a “good example” of an occasion worth attending.

Our source in Addis Ababa confirmed the statement was signed by the current AU chairman and Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, the six African leaders who marched in Paris in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack and the out-going Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan- who was one of the first world leaders to condemn the Charlie Hebdo attack while he remained silent over the massacre of over 2000 Nigerians.


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