Azonto Fiasco: The Azonto For Gas Deal

The government of Ghana has allegedly signed off the intellectual property rights on Azonto -the popular Ghanaian dance routine- to the people of Nigerian in exchange for uninterrupted supply of natural gas.

This Ghanaian- well formerly Ghanaian- dance which involves elaborate arm, hip and foot twisting, has in recent times, taken over dancefloors not just across Africa but across Europe, the US and parts of Asia. Nigerians have, on various platforms, unsuccessfully attempted to lay claim to Azonto, highlighting the long-running cultural rivalry which underpins the relationship between the two West African neighbours. A jubilant Nigerian government official remarked, “Look, my broda, this a big day for Nigeria! For years we have made failed attempts to deceive the world into believing Azonto originated from Naija, we even tried to re-brand it with a Naija name, Alingo; that didn’t work too well. But thanks to the Oga up there, we can finally say we own the copyrights to Azonto!

The deal which was signed after long-winded negotiations between Ghanaian and Nigerian government officials is expected to boost Electricity Company Ghana’s ability to keep lights on for an extra 30 minutes each day. Ghana has endured a period of little or no supply of natural gas, albeit we have a contract with Nigerian to supply 123MMBtu per day to fuel the Sunon Asogli Power Plant.

Reports indicate the Nigerian government will soon issue takedown notices to all YouTube users who have uploaded any Azonto videos. Under the new ownership, anyone who wishes to use the name, Azonto, or perform the dance move will have to pay a fee. Also, an injunction has been issued prohibiting Asamoah Gyan, Kevin Prince Boateng or any member of the Black Stars from performing the dance move as part of their goal celebrations at this year’s World Cup.

A very displeased Ghanaian who spent last night in darkness opined, “So we have signed over the rights of our beloved Azonto for them to supply just 50MMBtu/d- whatever that means! In any case that is less than half of the amount of natural gas they are expected to supply under the original contract! Next time they’ll be asking us to bear the shame for all their 419 activities for a few more pumps of natural gas.”

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