Boko Haram expels leader for failure to show jihad training school certificate

Boko Haram has reportedly expelled its leader, Abubakar Shekau, for failure to produce a certificate to back claims that he completed a jihad training school in Afghanistan.

According to sources inside the militant group, the ruthless leader who has masterminded a sustained campaign of mayhem and misery in Nigeria was unable to produce certificates, a letter of recommendation or a results slip to back claims on his CV when he was challenged by members of his group.

Although many Boko Haram fighters admit that Shekau’s dismissal is evidence of the pettiness which has crept into the militant group, they were however not alarmed “because Nigeria’s political and military leaders who are supposed to keep Boko Haram at bay are busily engaged in an even more shameful bicker over who went to nursery school and who didn’t.”

A spokesman for the Boko Haram fighters said their venture into petty politics was only temporary, warning that they will shortly “resume their campaign of violence and destruction while elite Nigerians and their political leaders continue bickering over certificates and school results.”

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