‘Borga King’ who rules via Skype from home in Germany could be dethroned for forgetting password

Forgetting a password for an online account can be particularly frustrating and even more so if you are a modern king who governs via Skype from thousands of miles away.

A Ghanaian ‘Borga King’ who governs his kingdom via Skype from his home in Germany is facing the possibility of dethronement after several attempts to access his royal Skype account failed because he cannot seem to remember his password. Borga Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah, Ruler of Hohoe via Skype From Somewhere Near Hamburg Abontinso revealed he has multiple passwords for various online accounts but ‘strangely, none of them seems to work’ for his royal Skype account with the username- BogusKing1.

‘I have tried all the different passwords I could have possibly used and none of them seems to be the right one.’

He also explained he uses the same password for both the royal Skype account and the Yahoo email with which the Skype account was set up, making it impossible to reset the Skype password.

According to Borga Togbe, Ruler of Hohoe via Skype From Somewhere Near Hamburg Abontinso, he has just 72 hours to recover the password or ‘risk being dethroned’ by his kinsmen. ‘Without any other means of communication, after 72 hours, my people will presume I have passed away. My nephew will then be enthroned.’

His position has become even more precarious in light of the fact that he lost his royal regalia in a house robbery incident earlier last week. ‘As for the royal regalia, I know I have lost forever but the password; that I should be able to recover. It could be 1ClownWith1Crown or 1CrownFor1Clown I just cannot remember the password.’

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