Borgas Cause Chaos At Kotoka


The baggage handlers at the Kotoko International Airport have expressed anger at the weight of luggages that come through the airport. In a statement issued this morning, the workers have indicated the chaos at the baggages claim section of the airport will persist unless borgas start packing their bags to reasonable weight limits.

Comparing their plight to fellow handlers in places like Spain and Italy, where holiday makers pack light, one seasoned handler with international experience remarked, “….Ghanaian holiday makers are nothing like their European counterparts. A baggage handler at a place like Alicante Airport, Spain, can carry 4-5 bags at a time. But here at Kotoka, these borgas come with bags some taller than Aki and Popo and as heavy as a Markola woman. We sometimes need 3 or 4 people to lift just one bag.”

They said the reported chaos at the airport’s baggages claim section is a result of the excessive weight of the borga baggages. Heavy bags require more manpower and time to move around, so borgas can expect longer waiting periods at the airport.

They also expressed their disgust at the borgas who refuse to leave tips when handlers take time off their busy working schedule to help push their trolleys down the arrivals hall.

And the borgas that keep using the excuse “I don’t have any money on me”, will soon be caught out. There are plans to make payment machines available so borgas can pay tips with their debit or credit cards. They also added that though they preferred their tips in pounds or dollars, they will be glad to take Ghanaian cedis.

In their closing remarks, the luggage handlers urged borgas to give decent tips if they want a cheerful start to their holidays.

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