Boxing Day Message From Political Parties

ACCRA- In line with the spirit of the season, all the political parties in the country, have issued a joint statement expressing profound gratitude to Ghanaians for putting a brave face to their suffering whilst they the politicians empty the national coffers.

The press release which was sent out this morning read, “….we will like to thank you the good people of Ghana, for your unwavering tolerance and your seeming apathy towards our wasteful use of the nation’s resources and our general incompetence. We keep promising Ghanaians a better future each year but the only thing that gets better is the sophistry with which we empty the national coffers and hide the wealth away in foreign banks. We are very grateful for your tolerance, a quality we as politicians lack and in truth, do not wish to have.”

The statement also praised Ghanaians for their short memory, which makes it easier for politicians to keep breaking their promises in the knowledge that a few bags of rice and more elaborate lies will buy them votes.

Finally, they warned Ghanaians to expect more hardship in the coming year, “the national revenue is not increasing in correlation with the growing number of politicians, so the future can only be bleak for our dear nation. But we will continue to build mansions and buy private jets and luxury cars with your money, trusting that you, the good people of Ghana, in the usual fashion, will make do with the little that drips down to you and to go about your duties with a smile on your faces. God bless Ghana, the country we all love dearly.”

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