Brazil adds Accra to World Cup host cities

The late drama surrounding Brazil’s readiness to host the World Cup has taken yet another turn with the announcement that Accra will replace one of the original 12 host cities.

With just a week before kickoff, Brazilian officials believe the addition of the Ghanaian capital will ensure that they have 12 fully functional stadia for FIFA’s final inspections as well as 12 typical Brazilian cities for fans to have a truly Brazilian experience.

A statement released by the tournament’s organisations said the decision to select Accra to replace one of the original host cities was taken after days of lengthy deliberations and consultations. “After days of careful considerations, we have come to the conclusion that Accra is the only city outside Brazil that can host some of the games at such short notice and more importantly, also offer football fans a true Brazilian experience.”

“We believe football fans who go to the Ghanaian capital to watch the games will not notice the difference between Brazil and Ghana. There are many many similarities. Apart from the fact that both locals are beach-dwellers and football-obsessed, they are also largely carefree and tardy. They share the same mantras, ‘it will be alright on the night’ and ‘it will be ready when it is ready’

“Like in the other Brazilian cities, fans can expect to see strikes and protests in Accra as citizens take to the street to register their disapproval with their government for the apparent misplaced priorities. Apart from the fact that protestors in Brazil will be dancing samba and their Ghanaian counterparts dancing azonto, visitors will find it hard to spot the difference.”

“And the final point that tipped our hand in favour of Accra is the fact that the women in both Brazil and Ghana are largely the same. Most of them have one thing in common; Brazilian hair! The only difference is that one grows it naturally and the other acquires it with a little help from a hairdresser.”

Officials are yet to decide which games will be hosted in Accra, but many Ghanaians will love the opportunity to welcome Uruguay’s Luis Suarez with a good old Ghanaian charlie wote slap.

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