Bukom Banku Is The Best! Concedes Mourinho

The Association of World Sports Journalists has crowned Ghana’s Braimah Kamoko, aka, Bukom Banku as the King of Mind Games and Taunts.

This honour is an annual award given to an individual, connected in any way to sports, who is adjudged to be the best in the art of taunting and riling opponents to breaking point. The award was introduced in 2007 and the winner is chosen by voting among the members of the association.

Bukom Banku, the undefeated Super Middle and Light Heavyweight boxing champion, beat off competition from Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho, who has won the award every year since its inception, 7 years ago.

In an uncharacteristic fashion, the Portuguese gracefully conceded defeat, praising Banku for his extraordinarily huge ego and haughtiness. “I am the Special One, but today I have met my co-equal! I have only seen a minute of this man’s interview on YouTube and I tell you what, this Banku guy is pure box office! His taunts makes my recent remarks about Wenger sound like flattery.”

Mourinho was referring to one of Banku’s many interviews where he goads his next opponent in a bout slated for the 25 of April. “I bring adama and shaving stick to ring. After I beat Ayitey, I use adama make him hair black, then I shave am. Nonsense hair cut. Just do sakora. Because of he hair I want beat am waa. He head make me remember kokonte and groundnut soup. I don’t like kokonte.”

The boxer who could not be at the presentation ceremony however acknowledged the award with a message on his Facebook page.

In usual fashion, Banku displayed his trademark showmanship, giving an exhaustive list of his abilities before proceeding to thank the organisers for the award. “I am boxer, I am poet, I am musician, I am actor, I do politics small, I write film (big trouble in little bukom).. I am do everything. This award make me happy aaahu I don’t no what shall i do.”

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