Buy Made-In-Ghana-Via-China

China is well-known for the production of counterfeit products- fake Facebook, DVDs, iPhones and designer clothes. And now, true to its reputation, China has launched an imitation of the Ghanaian government’s buy Made-In-Ghana initiative.

The Chinese version known as buy Made-In-Ghana-Via-China is aimed at saturating the Ghanaian market with Chinese made goods packaged as Made-In-Ghana products.

The Chinese initiative, which is backed by Beijing, is set to swamp the Ghanaian market with traditional Ghanaian products which have been wholly manufactured in China. The chocolate product pictured above is the first of many Made-In-Ghana-Via-China products that has already entered the Ghanaian market courtesy of the nation’s lax import regulations. Other products waiting to be damped onto the the Ghanaian market includes Made-In-Ghana-Via-China fufu and kente.

Remarking on the phenomenal growth of the Chinese manufacturing industry, a Chinese official said, “The recipe for our success is an open secret. When we started off as a growing economy, we had in place a number of protectionist policies to limit competition from foreign manufacturers. This gave us the chance to nurture and grow our local Chinese manufacturing industries. Ghana on the other hand has a fairly open import policy which allows us to flood it’s market with our cheap and cheerful Made-In-Ghana-Via China products.”

The Ghanaian government is reportedly displeased with this new development and has urged the know-it-all social commentators to discuss this issue on radio.

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