Canada considers border wall as Trump’s Super Tuesday win sparks fears of mass migration from US

Americans eyeing a move to Canada may be given a taste of Donald Trump’s bizarre border wall policy.

America’s northern neighbour is currently considering plans to erect a wall along the 8,891 kilometre long Canada-US border after Donald Trump’s strong Super Tuesday performance sparked fears of mass migration of Americans into Canada.

Canadian officials promised “to build a great wall with bricks as thick as Trump and force the US to foot the bill” which is estimated at about $25 million.

Officials say the decision to build the wall was prompted by a 350% spike in Google searches within the US for ‘How to move to Canada’ hours after Trump’s victory on Tuesday. The Republican front runner won seven states on what is known as America’s second most important political day of the year despite running a campaign of hate and buffoonery.

Canadians say they want the proposed wall to go up as soon as possible “to protect them from the unfolding American circus and to stop American immigrants from swarming in and take their jobs.”