Children Sing Of White Christmas In Hot And Sunny Accra

ACCRA- Sources have confirmed the Sunday School children of the Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries gave a sterling performance at a carol service last night.

The service which took place at the church’s multimillion cedi auditorium, was a well attended affair and the sweltering conditions within the hall did not stop the gathering dancing it’s heart out.

Our sources at the event confirmed that the children’s best performance of the night was their rendition of Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of White a Christmas.”

Despite the roasting temperature of about 25 degrees inside the auditorium, the children sang with so much meaning it really felt like it was going to be a white Christmas in Accra.

One American immigrant at the gathering said “after that performance I felt like I was back in Alaska! I walked out almost expecting to see a blanket of snow covering the streets of Accra.”

The unimpressed immigrant added “this is a massive anticlimax. Maybe these kids should sing ‘I’m Dreaming Of a Sunny Christmas’ next year. Kwasiasem!!

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