Children to learn religious tolerance as new subject on school timetables

Primary school children as well as their counterparts in junior and senior high schools will have a new subject added to their timetables as part of an overhaul of the national curriculum.

The changes comes amid concerns that too many children are leaving school without the social skills needed to ensure peaceful co-existence with fellow country men and women of other faiths.  An executive from the Ghana Education Service revealed the curriculum changes “could not have come quickly enough” because the previous curriculum was “outdated and out of synch with our present state.”

The radical reforms will see religious bigotry booted out of our school system. Phrases like “go and build your own schools” and “my religion is the only true one” will be banned from the classroom or anywhere within the premises of schools. Children will be introduced to a broad spectrum of religious views and practices without projecting one as superior to the other.

Parents have also welcomed the introduction of the new subject, hoping that lessons in religious tolerance will make their children less bigoted. “This is a good move. What good are compulsory Sunday services and five daily prayer sessions if we end up killing ourselves over religious differences,” remarked a parent.


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