Church To Offer Discounts On Tithes On The 31st

Anyone driving through the streets of Accra will observe the ridiculously high number of billboard ads for watch night services on the 31st of December.

With churches springing up in Accra daily, experts are saying this phenomenon is just the beginning of a fierce battle between churches for patronage.

In a clever move, the founder and CEO of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas has unveiled plans aimed at making his church the best church to attend on the 31st of December.

Speaking to YesiYesi Ghana, he said “with the heightened competition between churches for patronage, it is essential that we position our brand to attract the highest number of people.”

He said the church will offer a discount on all tithes for anyone who attends his church service on the 31st. Instead of the usual 10%, the Reverend is offering all attendees a 5% reduction.

For attending the watch night service, you can save yourself 5% of your salary each month for the whole of 2014!

This deal, which has been welcomed by multitudes of church goers and is likely to ensure a record turn out at the churches auditorium Wednesday.

YesiYesi Ghana can also confirm other churches are in the process of announcing similar deals aimed at attracting customers.

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