CNN refuses to show graphic image of actual Ebola victims

CNN has reportedly refused to show a graphic image of the actual victims of the deadly Ebola virus, claiming the image goes against “the general principles governing how African stories are reported.”

The image is credited to Anthony England, a British chemist with years of experience working in West Africa. It highlights the 3 African countries currently battling the Ebola virus, bringing into sharp focus the limited area of infection- a point that has been missing in most news reports.

An executive of CNN International, explained that the network decided not to show the image because it contained information that would make ignorant Americans realise “that with the exception of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the rest of the African continent remains Ebola-free.” He called the image “factual,” “unsensational” and that “shouldn’t apply to news reportage on Africa.”

CNN has instead chosen to embellish the Ebola reports with misleading phrases such as “Ebola hits Africa” “Africans struggling to deal with Ebola.”

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