Compaore resigns after Halloween party guests turn up dressed as Sankara

Forget about bloody corpses and gory zombies; for Blaise Compaore, no Halloween costume is as fearsome and offensive as a mask of Thomas Sankara.

Blaise Compaore, Burkina Faso’s leader of 27 years has reportedly stepped down after guests at a special Halloween lunch party spooked him with what he described as “scary and offensive” costumes.

Eyewitnesses say Mr Compaore threw himself behind a couch when a group of guests donning masks of Thomas Sankara enter the party premises. It is however unclear why a benign costume can spark such strong emotions of fear in the man who ruled “the land of the incorruptible” for 27 years.

Halloween costume shops in the capital, Ouagadougou say “the Sankara masks and the iconic red berets have outsold every other Halloween costume.” All Burkinabes are expected to join tonight’s Halloween festivities, donning what has become the nation’s official Halloween costume- Sankara masks and red berets.

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