Corruption Is A Western Disease Claims Ugandan Prez Museveni


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has allegedly claimed that corruption is a “western disease” plaguing Africa. He has therefore signed into law a bill that will ensure that corrupt and dishonest government officials will face a death penalty.

Museveni who has ruled Uganda for only 28 years, with fairness and true honesty, contends that corrupt “is a western disease plaguing Africa and it needs to be stamped out.”

This new uncompromising law, he claims, is targeted at self-serving politicians who continue to enrich themselves with the nation’s wealth whiles the majority of the people waddle in poverty.

He laments, “it breaks my heart to see Uganda and all these other African countries, abundantly endowed with natural resources, yet the ordinary citizens continue to suffer and die from hunger, malaria and senseless conflicts! The corrupt officials who plunder the public coffers are the true enemies of humanity. They are mercenaries!”

This new law is expected to upset Museveni’s colleagues in other African countries who see this move as a step backwards and a threat to their selfish ambitions. Many political analysts predict that several African heads of state will give Museveni the cold treatment at the next African Union meeting for talking about the elephant in the room.

But a determined Museveni argued that politicians who continue to loot national resources have on their hands the blood of every child that dies from famine, malaria or armed conflict. “It is corrupt and greedy officials that destroy nations” he ended.

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