Czechs shocked to learn not every African has Ebola and Africa isn’t a country

Citizens of the Czech Republic have been left in a state of utter shock and bewilderment after they learned that not every “African” has the Ebola virus and that Africa’s demographics encompasses 52 nations with diverse origins and cultures.

Czech Republic, better known for xenophobia and football hooliganism, made the headlines on Tuesday when reports surfaced about authorities bundling a Ghanaian student into a black bin bag at Prague’s main train station in an effort to stop “the African” from introducing the deadly Ebola virus into the Eastern European nation.

“We were convinced that this African student who had passed an Ebola test conducted on him earlier at Prague airport still had the Ebola virus,” confessed one Czech official. “If he had been coming from a country which is far away from Africa, like the US or even Spain, then he wouldn’t have had to go through such trouble,” he added.

He further revealed that the whole nation was gripped with shock when the “African student” tested negative for the Ebola virus once again. “We were all shocked! He is coming from Africa and he didn’t have Ebola? That was the question every Czech was asking.

He then questioned the accuracy of news reports on Ebola which always runs along the lines of ‘Ebola is killing Africans.’

According to the Czech official, the nation was stunned even more to learn that Africa is a huge continent made up of 52 different nations. “Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria; we thought all these were just synonyms for Africa.”

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