Delta to launch giraffe riding holiday package to Ghana

Delta, a major US airline, has announced plans to introduce an eye-catching holiday package which offers giraffe enthusiasts the chance to ride giraffes in their natural habitat in Ghana.

The giraffe riding holiday package, an idea which was reportedly proposed by the airline’s outstanding social media team, is a two week package which will run all year round. Airline officials stressed that Ghana is fortunate to have been chosen to host this special package, “because it could have been any other African country. There are giraffes in every African country just like every African child is starving and has to trek 10km just to fetch water from the same stretch of river the zebras drink from.”

According to the proposed plan, guests will be treated to a truly African experience as they ride giraffes along the sandy beaches on Ghana’s coastal belt. From the coastal regions, guests will travel to the central regions of this African country where they will do further giraffe riding through the tropical rain forests. The last leg of the tour will be spent exploring the grassland regions of the northern part of Ghana on giraffe backs.

As part of its social responsibility, the airline will allocate a huge percentage of proceeds from this special holiday package to help save this African nation. “We would like to put a huge percentage of the funds into saving Ghana’s rare giraffes but we are aware this is Africa, so we expect to put a much bigger chunk of the funds into humanitarian projects. Ghana shouldn’t be any different from what we see and read in the news about other African countries. We expect Ghana to be an impoverished war-torn nation, so we intend to spend a huge part of our proceeds on setting up rehabilitation centres for child soldiers, rape victims and displaced persons. We also plan to provide food and water for the general population who are undoubtedly struggling to survive on less than a dollar a day.”

The airline will announce a date for the launch of this special holiday package as soon as its expedition team is able to identify the exact location of the giraffes in Ghana.

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