DeSooso’s Dwarfs To Take Part In Next Kwahu Paragliding Fest

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts has, this morning, revealed that the 7 infamous dwarfs may be taking part in the next Okwahu Paragliding Festival.

This was revealed at a press conference organised by the ministry to respond to criticisms that 9 long years after the paragliding festival begun, Ghana continues to enlist the services of pilots from the USA, France, Japan, Belgium and South Africa. The spokesman claimed that, in line with the government’s attempt to patronise all things Ghanaian, the ministry has reached an agreement with Anita De Sooso’s dwarfs to train Ghanaians to pilot paragliders.

The dwarfs, who are believed to have levitation powers are able to fly the paragliders without harnesses.

The spokesman presented reporters with a printed text purported to be a copy of a statement from the dwarfs outlining a comprehensive plan to turn the paragliding festival into a truly Ghanaian experience. “The paragliding festival which has become an integral part of Ghana’s Easter holidays celebrations has been trumpeted by the ministry as a truly Ghanaian event, yet 9 years after it started, no Ghanaian has been trained to pilot these contraptions. If we are granted permission to participate in future events, we propose to train 10 Ghanaians each year. With the money we snaffled from the vaults of the central bank still in our pockets, we can afford to offer a 50% discount rate to any Ghanaian citizen wishing to fly with us.”

According to the spokesman, the dwarfs will soon visit the Kwahu mountains to scout for suitable sites to commence their training programme.

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