Drogba To Testify Before US Congress As An American Expert

Only a few weeks after inviting American actor, Ben Affleck, to testify before a committee as an expert on Africa, the United States Congress has again invited the former Chelsea striker, Didier Drogba, to testify before a congressional hearing as an expert on gun violence in the United States.

Drogba, an Ivorian international and two time African Footballer of the Year will speak at the congressional hearing as an expert on American culture due to the fact that he watched dozens of Hollywood movies as a child and has on several occasions visited Miami and Las Vegas on holiday trips with his former Chelsea team mates.

The United States Congress has yet again come under intense pressure to introduce tougher gun-control measures after another shooting incident occurred at Fort Hood military base in Texas yesterday.

In 2013, the US lost 30 people a day to gun violence and barely three weeks into 2014, there had been 8 school shootings.

The 35 year old footballer who will be appearing before the Congress for the first time said, “I hope my expert opinion on American culture will be of great help to the lawmakers. I have watched enough American movies and sitcoms to be an expert on American culture. I have also done some charity work alongside my former club Chelsea, helping kids at a youth center in LA.”

“No question in my mind, that down the road, when I’m an old man and I look back on my life, this will be the thing I most respect,” he added.

Yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, is the latest in a catalogue of shooting sprees yet lawmakers continue to pussy-foot around the issue of tougher gun-control measures just because the pro-gun lobby bankrolls most of their election campaigns.

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