ECG Sends Experts To Help With Power Cuts Caused By Polar Vortex

A team of experts from the Electricity Company of Ghana has been sent to the United States to help deal with the power cuts caused by the ice storms affecting the Midwest and Northeastern parts of the country.

More than 500,000 households in the north eastern part of US have been left without electricity in the wake of the polar vortex weather system which has thrown these areas into subzero temperatures.

In a desperate attempt to bring some relief to residents trapped in their homes without electricity or heating, the US president, Barrack Obama reportedly made a personal phone call to his Ghanaian counterpart, to ask for the assistance of experts from the ECG, who are well renowned for their expertise in load shedding and world class customer service.

The ECG has consequently sent its elite squad of ‘dumsor’ gurus to help draw up a power rationing plan for the affected areas.  A customer service advice team from ECG has also been sent to advice American utility companies on how best to deal with angry and dissatisfied customers.

Speaking at the Kotoka International Airport, just before flying off to the US, the head of the customer service advice team said: “Oh our advice for them will be simple. We will tell them to ignore phones calls from customers desperately in need of help. That is what we do here and it works very well so I’m very certain it will work in the US too.”

The head of the entire team, however expressed misgivings about the company’s tattered reputation in Ghana. He said: “It is true what they say- a messiah is never accepted in his home town. Ghanaians complain about our services all the time but you see, great nations like the US are begging us for this same service. If we were not good at what we do, they wouldn’t be asking for us.”

The team is expected to be away for about a week and in their absence, Ghanaians can be certain of uninterrupted supply of electricity across the whole nation.

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