ECG’s Facebook Video Goes Viral

Facebook has named Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Look Back video as the most watched video on its site.

The Look Back video, a feature designed to mark Facebook’s tenth anniversary, is a one-minute video highlighting the biggest moments of your life on the social media site.

And it turns out that Facebook users around the world have viewed this ECG video more than 57 million times despite having just been posted on February 5, less than a week ago.

The video which successfully captures the dark and troubled life of the company, is so emotional it has left millions of viewers misty-eyed.

At the time of posting this article, the video had clocked 19,610 likes and 19,650 comments. All the comments have been full of praises for the management of ECG except one. A Facebook user by the name Solar Pawa, apparently posted a derisive comment saying: “ECG, stop throwing money down the drain! A nation blessed with so much sunshine should not be solely dependent on hydroelectric energy.”

ECG subsequently reported this comment as being abusive, prompting Facebook to suspended Solar Pawa’s account.

Watch the video (above) and let us know your thoughts.

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