AU fights terrorism by burying its head in the sand

Africa’s continental union says it intends to combat the ever-growing threat of terrorism on the continent by “burying their heads deep in the sand.”

The heads of state of the African Union reiterated their commitment to fight terrorism by “digging holes in the sand and sticking their heads in it, occasionally emerging to issue worthless statements of condemnation.” This comes only days after 16 people were senselessly slaughtered in a marauding terrorist firearms atttack in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast. The attack which was carried out by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is the group’s third major attack in West Africa in four months.

The “head-in-the-sand” strategy, according to the AU, is the union’s solution to all issues facing the continent. “Our head-in-the-sand strategy is the union’s catch-all policy for managing all issues facing the continent- from chronic poverty through crippling corruption to the ever-growing threat of terrorism.”

This was contained in the AU’s official guideline on how heads of states should respond to Bassam-style attacks. The document urged African leaders to combat the terrorist threat by further burrowing their blockheads further and further into the sand.”