EU declares Ghana’s public sector payroll the ‘most haunted place on earth’

Ghana’s public sector payroll has been named the most haunted place on earth, according to the European Union’s expert on paranormal activity.

The accolade was conferred after investigations by the EU’s paranormal expert revealed startling numbers of ghosts occupying the government’s payroll.  “I have never seen anything like this in my long career of investigating haunted places,” confessed the expert. “To have thousands and thousands of ghosts occupying a single payroll is scary. It’s scary for me but even scarier for the future of the nation.”

The investigations were carried out after reports of frightening “ghost activities” within several Ghanaian public institutions. The expert revealed that unlike normal ghosts who merely spook people, these special ones like to feed on taxpayer’s money and foreign aid contributions.

“These ghosts don’t spook, they loot.”