EU To Ban Fufu

The European Union is allegedly in the process of effecting a ban on the importation of fufu flour following claims by a Ghanaian member of parliament that the consumption of fufu can cause cancer.

Speaking on the floor of parliament on Tuesday, Justice Joe Appiah, MP for Ablekuma North, asserted that the consumption of fufu- a Ghanaian staple food, can lead to cancer. News of this overly bold claim spread through the international media, prompting the EU to take steps to protect its citizens.

A statement alleged to have been issued by the European parliament in Strasbourg said, “Although the honourable member of the Ghanaian parliament did not give any scientific fact to back his claim, we have no reason to doubt his assertion. We fail to accept that a member of parliament in nation like Ghana will make such an utterance in public if he was not sure of the facts. We will therefore treat the honourable member’s statement as fact.”

“Consequently, we will soon effect legislature to ban the importation of fufu flour into our region. This decision has not been taken lightly as we are fully aware that fufu is close to the hearts and lips of the many West Africans resident in Europe.”

“As the legislative body of the European Union, we have a duty of care towards our citizenry. We will therefore take steps, however unpleasant, to protect the health of our citizens.”

Our European Affairs correspondent reports that the proposed ban has been met with disapproval from Africans all over Europe. Many West Africans resident in the UK, Italy, Germany and Holland are believed to be planning mass demonstrations to register their displeasure. Our correspondent has evidence of placards which have been produced for the intended demonstrations. Some of the placards bear inscriptions such as: “Keep Calm And Enjoy Fufu” “No Fufu No Life” “Fufu- Finger Lickin Good” and “Fufu- Just Eat It!”

Unconfirmed reports indicates the United States government is also looking at introducing a similar ban in the coming weeks.

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