Facebook launches CompoundHouse to allow Ghanaian users to trade insults

Facebook Inc has launched CompoundHouse to allow users in Ghana to shamelessly exchange insults and abuse.

The new feature will appear as a “boxing glove” icon at the bottom of the Facebook app and will allow users to publicly slander each other and embarrass themselves.

Facebook CompoundHouse takes its name from a popular Ghanaian shared housing system where tenant privacy is a scarce commodity and disagreements between neighbours can quickly turn into full blown public spats. The feature will seek to take advantage of the growing levels of intolerance and bigotry across social media.

In a blog post, Facebook said CompoundHouse captures the current state of social media debates, “zero tolerance for tolerance.”

“CompoundHouse battles will be fought with 1,000-word-paragraphs, big words that make the user sound smarter than they are and Trump-like threats to hit the internet’s equivalent of the nuclear option: Unfriend.”