Facebook To Use Tweaa Video As Ghana Government’s ‘Look Back’ Video

As part of its tenth anniversary celebration, the social media giant, Facebook, has introduced the Look Back video. This special feature selects the biggest moments of your Facebook life and presents them in a one-minute video clip. Through an auto-selection system, your pictures, status updates and everything you have posted since the day you joined Facebook are gathered and packaged into a video.

Government officials are however alleged to be less than pleased with the montage of pictures chosen for the government’s official Facebook Look Back video. They are accusing Facebook of deliberately selecting the most unflattering moment of the present administration’s tenure to make up its Look Back video. Ranting on the government’s Facebook page, a member of the current administration allegedly wrote: “Facebook apparently thinks that Vikileaks, Akonfemgate and The Woyome Saga were the most important moments for this government. Tweeaa! Absolute nonsense!”‪

Our sources inside the administration can confirm the government is officially requesting Facebook to use Honourable Tweeas’ video (above) as the government’s Look Back video.

Speaking off record, a government official claimed, “the tweeaa video aptly represents the enviable qualities of the present administration- strong and feisty leadership. This video also shows we have proven to be a great source of comic relief for Ghanaians in these times of economic hardships. We believe most Ghanaians will agree with us when we say the ‘tweeaa’ video captures the very essence of our present government and should therefore be used for the official Look Back video.”



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